Highlands County Audubon Chapter Activities Suspended

We are all aware of the presence of, and concerns over the spread of the “Coronavirus”. Yesterday, the National Audubon Society forwarded a letter to all local Chapters stating that, in an abundance of caution, and to minimize the potential spread of the virus, and/or jeopardizing the health and safety of its staff, it was suspending travel of National Audubon Society staff members for a minimum of 1 month. This follows Governor Desantis’ coronavirus Declaration of Emergency yesterday, and numerous colleges and universities actions to limit large gatherings on their campuses.

The National Audubon Society message noted that it would restrict staff travel if they were going to, “…gatherings of 10 or more in enclosed spaces”.  Therefore, in light of these recent developments, and in an abundance of caution, last night the Board of Highlands County Audubon voted to suspend all events and activities until further notice. This is to include regular meetings, field trips and special events (such as the wildlife pavilion dedication, organized Bird-a-thon trips, and participation in Earth Day celebrations.
We would still encourage members to continue appropriate activites, such as contucting 'Backyard Bird-a-thon' efforts, and report their sightings to us.  This will allow us to continue limited activities and maintian compliance with the National Audubon's guidelines.
These actions were taken to help insure the health safety of our members. The Board will continue to monitor the coronavirus situation, and seek to return to normal activities as soon as the situation allows.


Thank you,

Dale Gillis, President

Highlands County Audubon

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